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    Numerous patients have reported that they have received “degrading” treatment by staff at a privately-run mental health service, censure by the Care Quality Commission. Anxious 1

    The CQC have issues Partnerships in Care with three warning notices after a highly-critical report failed the private firm’s Annesley House hospital against all five standards of care it was inspected against earlier in June this year. The provider has said that “all of the issues” identified by the CQC have now been addressed, reports Community Care.

    Whilst some patients sad that numerous members of staff were “brilliant” others were accused of mocking and humiliating. Bullying on wards was said to be a “persistent problem” at the service, which provides low secure and rehabilitation wards for females.

    “One patient told us how embarrassed she had felt when she was denied appropriate support to manage menstruation whilst in seclusion, and explained she was then made to wait for 20 minutes in the morning to take a shower,” the CQC’s report found.

    The CQC have said that they’ve received an “escalating volume” of complaints over several problems at the service following a visit by a Mental Health Act Commissioner in May.

    Since the inspection, Partnerships in are have released a statement saying: “We take seriously any and all reports by patients of concerns they may have, fully investigate all  reports transparently and where we find improvements can be made we take immediate action,” a statement said.

    “Partnerships in Care has a good past record in relation to compliance and through immediate action we are confident we will rectify the problems the CQC identified. We welcome future visits from the CQC where we hope to evidence improvements as required and demonstrate a high quality of service for patients at Annesley House.”

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    September 26, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Mental Health

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