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    More specialist housing and support services are needed for people with dementia.

    As numbers of people who are diagnosed with dementia rise, the UK urgently needs to increase dementia-friendly homes to help them.

    The National Housing Federation (NHF) have released a report urging the government to keep up with the increasing need for specialist housing.

     Dementia: Finding housing solutions shows that good adapted housing is crucial in supporting people with the illness and can play a crucial role in helping people with dementia live independently for longer.

    The report says that early intervention can enable people to get the right care and support,but only 46% of people with dementia in the UK have had a formal diagnosis and around 21% being diagnosed before being admitted to hospital.

    According to Department of Health figures, people with dementia currently occupy 40% of general hospital beds, but with specialised housing, this can be much easier to prevent. As can having to be moved to a care home to be looked after, where, according to the Alzheimer’s Society, dementia sufferers take up 80% of care home placements.

    The NHF report urges the government to keep ahead of this and the rising dementia figures.

    The NHF’s assistant director, Helen Williams, said:

    Dementia is distressing for people who live with it and upsetting for loved ones who witness them battling it. Staying in an unfamiliar environment can make the confusion worse, so being able to live in your own home can be comforting in a time of great stress.

    Housing associations are skilled at building and managing homes suitable for people with a range of care and support needs, and are keen to work with health and wellbeing boards to help people with dementia. Their approach can also help health and social care services to save money over time.


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