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    Today, June 20th 2014 is National Care Home Open Day

    It will see the UK’s care homes welcoming the public and arranging events and activities that will help to create lasting links between care home residents and their local communities.

    National Care Home Open Day representative has said:

    “For far too long the care home sector has been marred by the negative press associated with a small number of badly run homes, and we’re determined to show people what care homes are really about. We’re making some positive noise – and we want you to be part of it!

    National Care Home Open Day is about connecting people! We want to enrich the lives of the UK’s care home residents by reminding people that the care homes in every community are filled with unique, intelligent and charming characters, and run by special people that really do care.”

    It’s free to attend, there’s no need to register and everyone is invited. Every neighbourhood has a care home nearby. Today, thousands will be welcoming the public with an open invitation to spend time with residents, meet the staff and get involved in events and activities around the home.

    To find a participating care home in your area you can enter your postcode here.

    Get involved with the hashtag #NCHOD and join in the conversations on Twitter!

    June 20, 2014 by Laura Wightman Categories: Community And Localism

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