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    A training project which raises awareness of mental health issues at work has earned national recognition for Mind in Cambridgeshire and the Medical Research Council.

    The Medical Research Council have received a nomination from Mental Health First Aid England after staff in Cambridge and across the country embarked upon the programme. Mind in Cambridgeshire's Aly Anderson is nominated for an individual 'instructor champion' prize.

    The two day MHFA course teaches participants the skills they need to support people affected.

    MRC has trained mental health first aiders at all of its sites across the country and has recruited a number of 'well being champions' whilst also developing well-being web related access to support staff.

    Mel Nunn, the MRC’s head of equalities, said: “As a leading employer in the field of medical research to improve human health, we want to utilise our existing expertise and that in organisations such as Mind in Cambridgeshire to lead the way in terms of human health and wellbeing for all our employees. Raising our staff’s awareness of mental health issues and promoting positive wellbeing are key parts of our staff wellbeing programme and we are fortunate to have access to such outstanding training and support from Aly and her colleagues.”

    Aly, from Mind in Cambridgeshire, added: “Our training project with the MRC has been a great success and we are delighted that this work has been recognised in this way. It is fantastic to see an organisation like MRC taking the issue of mental wellbeing so seriously and showing a real commitment to supporting its staff and tackling the stigma that so often prevents people from seeking the help they need at an early stage. I feel really proud, both for myself personally and for Mind in Cambridgeshire, to have played a part in that.”

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    February 25, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Mental Health

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