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    A housing estate in Hackney is being bought by affordable homes provider, Dolphin Living.

    The estate was in the spotlight earier this year when Russell Brand protested against its new owners’ planned rent hikes. The New Era Estate is in Hoxton and was built with the purpose to deliver affordable accommodation in the 1930s for the working class.

    The organisation, which is part of the Dolphin Square Charitable Foundation, made a deal with current owners Westbrook Partners, a multi-billion dollar asset management firm that threatened to more than double rents when it obtained the estate in March. Reports Inside Housing. 

    Rents will remain at the same level throughout 2015 under the deal. The housing provider intends to work with tenants during this time and create a rent that is ‘demonstrably fair’.

    Chief Executive Jon Gooding stated, ‘We want the New Era tenants to feel secure while we have some meaningful consultation with them about not just rents but also repairs and renewals, to secure the long term future of the estate.’

    Tenants launched an extensive media campaign after the proposed rise in rents. They accused the new owners of ‘social cleansing’ due to their fears of being evicted from the estate. Prominent figures such as Boris Johnson, shadow London minister Sadiq Khan and comedian Russell Brand spoke out in their defence.

    Mayor of Hackney Jules Pipe stated, ‘We’re pleased that Westbrook has listened to what we, the residents and their many thousands of supporters have been calling on them to do. This looks to be a really positive step, which we hope will protect tenancies and ensure affordable rents into the future’. 

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    December 22, 2014 by Shumila Begum Categories: Housing And Benefits

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