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    Exemptions to Bedroom Tax (Spare Room Subsidy).

    This is an updated blog post to take account of changes since it was first uploaded.

    Exemptions from the “Bedroom Tax” apply if:

    • you're disabled and have an overnight carer (only 1 spare bedroom is allowed)
    • If you live in “Exempt Accommodation”, which includes most supported housing and arguably also general needs social housing where you have additional needs, i.e. you need more than normal property management functions, for example, aids and adaptations, tenancy sustainment or floating support services etc.
    • you have a disabled child under 16 who can't share a room
    • you're a foster carer who's been approved by social services and is between placements or newly approved (for up to 52 weeks)
    • you have a child away in the armed or reserve forces (if they plan to return to live with you)
    • someone who normally lives with you is away for up to a year if they intend to return and are away for particular reasons (for example, they're in hospital)

    If you require advice on the 2nd bullet point, especially in relation to the meaning of “Exempt Accommodation” and in relation to social housing tenants who live in (so-called) “general needs” housing please email



    March 12, 2013 by Support Solutions Categories: Housing And Benefits

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