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    A new residential support and training complex for homeless people has opened in Coventry. home.jpg

    Whitefriars Housing and housing contractor Wates Living Space has created a centre for homeless people in Hillfields Coventry, reports 24dash.

    The ‘Gateway’ development has been designed to help local homeless people achieve independent living and improve their employment prospects through the provisions of intensive, practical support.

    Lee Sale, regional business director at Wates Living Space, commented: “It is very rewarding to see that the extensive efforts made by our team have created such meaningful and sustainable benefit for the local community. This scheme is going to be a pioneering force to change the lives of those who need support so it is very fitting that the wider community has had the opportunity to reap the benefits from day one.”

    Catherine Collis, assistant director at Whitefriars Housing, said: “It’s great to see our vision has become a reality. This partnership facility ushers in a real change in Coventry’s homelessness approach and will help make sure that some of our most vulnerable residents get support to not only avoid sleeping in unsafe places, but also address the reasons why they need emergency accommodation.”

     The project was part-funded by a £2.1m grant from the government’s homes and communities agency with the additional £3.9m funded by Whitefriars Housing. 

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    August 06, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Homelessness

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