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    Accommodation that has been purposely built to help people who are suffering with their mental health has been opened in Derby,mentalhealth.jpg

    Riverside Gardens has opened in Sandiacre and is the work of consultant psychiatrist Dr Ivan Bakelchev from Aspire Mental Healthcare and is hoped to be an alternative to long-term hospitalisation, reports the Derby Telegraph. 

    The complex works similarly to a social enterprise as a non-profit venture and includes a skills and re-enablement centre.

    It is aimed to support patients and improve their independence and self-reliance.

    Dr Bakelchev said: “Offering people therapy and support in the community is a much better option for those suffering with long-term mental illness. Financially, it’s also a more cost-effective solution for the local authority than keeping people in hospital. Outcomes are improved for patients, they are supported through rehabilitation to get them back into the community and they are enabled to become productive members of society, which is good for society and good for the individual’s mental health. At Aspire Mental Healthcare, we are very excited about the prospect of starting this project. We have already had an excellent response from local mental healthcare professionals to this scheme and we are confident that Riverside Gardens will soon prove to be as successful as Chilwell House has been.”

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    August 17, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Mental Health

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