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    Wakefield and District Housing have had their new model of care approved and is now in development.

    WDH’s vision was being able to help people live longer, healthier lives and see support by co-ordinated services delivered as close to their homes as possible under the banner of ‘Connecting Care’, reports 24dash.

    This new model of care hopes to increase the likelihood for people to live independently and reduce the potential of deterioration which would result in the need for primary and secondary care.

    System leaders are hoping that by 2106 the health and life experience of their residents in care setting will be optimised and transformed by the new approacrc.

    Like other housing associations, WDH plays a significant role in helping older people to maintain their independence in the comfort of their own homes. Research studies continually show that people remain healthier and in control of their health and wellbeing for longer when they are supported with the right resources and services in the community.

    Under the new model of care, a number of pilot projects will test the fresh approach to those in supported living with the aim of reducing the number of people who progress to residential care

    Reducing social isolation through providing more social activities and opportunities for older people to access them, both within the schemes and in the community, will be one area for exploration. Schemes will be supported to develop as ‘community anchors’ firmly embedding them within their local neighbourhoods and creating stronger communities in return. Currently, supported living schemes make their own individual contractual arrangements with care providers to offer care/support packages to residents. Under one of the pilot projects, the potential to partner with a single care provider, potentially from the voluntary sector, will be trialled as an alternative with the aim of a more flexible, responsive service being in place for residents.

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    May 05, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Future For Support

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