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    A project has been launched which aims to remove the barriers older people face when remaining independents in their current home or by moving to another property in Hambleton, North Yorkshire.

    Senior Moves Hambleton – a not-for-profit partnership between Broadacres Housing Association, Age UK, Hambleton District Council and North Yorkshire County Council, is aiming to support existing and potential Hambleton residents who wish to adapt or de-clutter their home, or move to a more manageable property, reports 24dash. Irma Wants Some Coffee

    The organisation has been set up in response to evidence suggesting a large portion of older people are struggling to maintain and remain independent in their homes, which could be large family-sized properties.

    Hambleton itself has the highest rate of under occupation in North Yorkshire with almost half of the total housing stock under occupied by at least one bedroom. 65% of older home owners in the area live in homes with three or more bedrooms.

    Mirren Hunter, from Senior Moves Hambleton, said: “There are number of different reasons why older people could be struggling in their current homes. As they become less mobile they may find it difficult to get around larger properties, especially those with stairs. This could also prevent them from carrying out maintenance, while for others the cost of living in their current home may have become too great. Through this project we are looking to provide support to this group of people and that includes helping them to stay in their current home if they wish, by directing them to handyperson repair services, disabled adaptations and energy saving advice. We also know many people would like to move home or downsize but are fearful of doing so because they think they have left it too late in life, don’t have family to help them or perhaps are unaware of all the different housing options available to them. Through the new service we hope to be able to guide people through the different options and provide support each step of the way, whether their decision be to buy or rent a smaller property, move into supported accommodation or to remain in their current home.”

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    August 13, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Older People

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