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    A new project sees families at risk of losing their home in Liverpool being launched by housing charity Shelter. Friends

    Almost 120 families in Merseyside were declared homeless between September and December of last year, and figures show that losing a privately rented home is now the leading cause of homelessness.

    Shelter’s staff plan to help families with support to get back into work, access the correct health care and offer advice on how to manage rent arrears and family budgets. They hope that close to 150 families across Liverpool will be helped by the project each year, reports 24dash.

    Whilst also planning to help families at risk of homelessness, Shelter also has free expert housing advice available for people in Liverpool with housing issues. This will allow anyone with problems ranging from rent or mortgage arrears, disrepair or landlord disputes to get help from a meeting with specialist housing and debt advisers, legal aids or use of free computers to access online advice.

    This is part of Shelter’s work across England to tackle bad housing and homelessness.

    Andy Griffiths, team leader for Shelter’s Liverpool Family Support Service, said: “With so many families struggling across the city, this project provides dedicated support to help renting families get back on their feet and reduce homelessness. We’re working closely with Liverpool City Council to reach the families who need our help. Expert support and advice early on can make the difference between a family losing their home or keeping it. We also have Shelter advisers on hand to help with a range of housing issues, so if you’re worried about a housing problem please get in touch.”

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    April 07, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Homelessness

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