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    Research from Leonard Cheshire Disability shows how seven in ten British adults reporting mobility problems have said they don’t have a building that they can get through.

    A report titled ‘Home Sweet Hell’ says that 50% of people reporting mobility problems don’t have stairs big enough for a stair-lift to be fitted.

    “For thousands of disabled people this means they can’t get upstairs to sleep in their own bedrooms,” the report says, and many are forced to use commodes downstairs instead of the bathroom, reports 24dash.

    Around 5 million people in the UK are likely to need disabled-friendly homes, however many homes in Britain “simply are not fit for people with mobility problems”, the organisation says.

    Paul Gamble, chief executive of accessible housing specialist Habinteg, said: “The findings of this report are sadly no surprise to us. Many Habinteg tenants have waited a very long time to find a home that meets their needs. This significant lack of accessible homes is a huge barrier to independent living. That’s why we welcome Leonard Cheshire’s clear recommendations for action. A strong consensus is growing and we hope this will be reflected in bold commitments from local and national policy makers. We’ve seen in London that building all new homes to the Lifetime Homes Standard with 10% to wheelchair access standards has long standing cross-party support. With house building at the heart of each political parties’ election plans, inclusive standards must be central too. Without a commitment to accessible housing we are creating a future crisis while tackling the current one.”

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    July 18, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Disability

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