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    A new scheme has been launched in Sunderland which helps older people connect with their family and friends via their television.

    Care Messenger is a service which allows personalised messages to be delivered directly to TV screens via smartphones, the internet and tablets. Home Cinema Setup 2

    This system has been designed for people who do not have the confidence to use computers and more advance technology, reports the Sunderland Echo.

    Victoria Barclay, regional director from Housing and Care 21, said: “With almost 100 tenants in the new scheme, we have been really pleased with the benefit that our residents have had from Care Messenger.”

    It is the brainchild of North-East firm i-Spy Digital. CEO Paul Slaughter said: “We know from Age UK that isolation with the elderly is a major issue. Care Messenger is a way of keeping in touch with older friends and family members by sending messages and pictures from anywhere in the world through to the person’s TV. We see it as an excellent way to allow families and carers to communicate with their elderly loved ones and clients. It is a very exciting development, which is very simple to install and use. Our aim is to open up a whole new world of contact and communication for the elderly, especially those people whose family do not live near them.”

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    July 09, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Older People

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