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    Social housing tenants in Newark and Sherwood have been given new guidelines to help them stay in their properties under the increasing pressure of welfare reforms. Symbol Home From Hands Isolated On White

    Newark and Sherwood Homes have released a new tenancy sustainment and eviction prevention protocol. The goal of these new protocols is to help tenants keep up to date with their rent payments and help them clear their debts, reports the Nottingham Post.

    With this new protocol, pursuing evictions will be seen as a last resort.

    Newark and Sherwood district have seen a 9% rise in the number of tenants in arrears since the government introduced the spare room subsidy this time last year.

    Rebecca Rance, chief executive of Newark and Sherwood Homes, said: “There has undoubtedly been an impact on tenants who have been subject to the under occupation charge. Along with the council, we are working closely with tenants to manage the effects of welfare reform and provide continued assistance with money management, budgeting and debt advice. The new protocol sends out a clear message that tenancy debt will not be tolerated and that all the support that tenants need is available to help them to pay their rent.”

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    April 03, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Housing And Benefits

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