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    A new website ( has been launched by a charity which helps people who have suffered domestic abuse in Mansfield and Ashfield, thereby encouraging more victims to speak out.

    Dispatch reported that there were over 3,600 cases of domestic abuse in Mansfield and Ashfield last year; an increase of 4 per cent on 2011.

    Therefore, Nottinghamshire Independent Domestic Abuse Services (NIDAS) wants to raise more awareness about domestic violence and provide help to victims.

    The following information is embedded in the website:

    • A full profile on NIDAS;
    • Details about how victims can get help;
    • A 24-hour freephone helpline;
    • Professional advice on how victims can make changes to their lives and become free from domestic abuse and
    • Links to partner organisations in Mansfield and Ashfield which assist in offering the support that an individual needs.

    Lisa Haydon, NIDAS director said:

    “There is lots of support out there for victims and the new website provides immediate help to users.

    Raising awareness of this hidden issue and the help that is available is a crucial part of the work that we do,

    We wanted to keep the website simple so you can make a quick decision to ask for help.

    Over the last 18 months working at NIDAS so many people have told me that they didn't know about us and if they did they might have come forward to ask for help.

    Everyone at NIDAS is passionate about empowering individuals to help them to find new ways of coping with the devastating impact abuse has. This might be practical and or emotional support.

    As a team we have worked hard over the last 18 months to sustain these much needed services for Mansfield and Ashfield where the issue of domestic violence continues to increase.”


    August 19, 2013 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Domestic Violence

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