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    NHS chiefs in England are backing an NHS “kitemark” for health related smartphone apps. Mobile Phone In Hand 2

    After previously saying that it wants to be “paperless” by 2018 and give patients access to health records, the NHS are making plans for “kitemark”, reports the BBC.

    Due to the rapid growth of health-related apps for mobile phones and other personal devices, an NHS “kitemark” is to be introduced to validate those deemed to be safe for patients to use. With the new authentication process, doctors will be given peace of mind to recommend apps to help patients manage health conditions.

    One of the key online moves will be to move new-born patient’s information onto a mobile system.

    Tim Kelsey of NHS England said: “New mothers will now be able to carry their red book around with them on their smart phone and tablet as the NHS moves towards offering digital personal child health records. This will put an end to worrying about leaving your child’s information at home when going for a review, vaccination, or emergency treatment.”

    Concerns about privacy have also been raised.

    Phil Booth of the campaigning group medConfidential welcomed commitments to make the data secure but said there were fears about information being passed on to other organisations. “While making patients’ information more accessible for their direct medical care is one thing, making it available under “commercial arrangement” for private profit is something else entirely”.

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    November 20, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Social Media For The Sector

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