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    A campaign involving selfies is being used to raise awareness of homelessness in the city of Exeter.

    #Selfieless has been created as part of the University of Exeter’s YMCA Society, and involves people uploading a selfie with their face concealed to social media in a bid to raise awareness about the issue of young people being homeless in Devon, whilst also raising funds for YMCA Exeter, reports the Exeter Express and Echo.

    President Huw Hides, 21, said: “Homelessness is a massive, and growing, issue in Exeter which simply can’t be ignored. The #Selfieless campaign focuses on the fact that there is more to homelessness than just simply not having a roof over your head; there is often a lack of stability, and indeed a loss of identity which goes alongside sleeping rough. It’s very easy, when walking through town, to look down and just see ‘another homeless person’ without seeing a person with a story, a personality and an identity. #Selfieless is a small way to raise awareness of this by hiding your face in some way in a selfie, while also raising money for a charity which does a lot of amazing work and is making positive changes in tangible ways in the lives of young people here in Exeter.”

    It is hoped that this campaign will raise up to £5,000 for YMCA Exeter which would help fund nine months of accommodation for just one young person.

    Government figures show that the number of rough sleepers in Exeter is amongst the highest in the South West.

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    May 28, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Homelessness

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