Our Clients


Support Solutions UK has a wide and established client list. The people and organisations who are consultancy clients and/or have attended our Briefing events and Conferences are too numerous to mention, although we can provide you with a list, but include Registered Providers (Housing Associations), voluntary and charitable organisations, private equity companies, property developers and statutory sector agencies.

Registered Providers

Registered Providers constitute the majority of our clients numerically and we work with them wherever they provide services to people with additional needs in supported, sheltered and general needs housing across the UK as a whole. We are especially well known for the work we do in achieving enhanced Housing Benefit payments for Intensive Housing Management under the Exempt Accommodation rules. We work with the largest and the smallest Registered Providers and can identify hundreds of them as clients.

Statutory Sector

We are increasingly working with local authorities in their capacity as service providers and with Housing Benefit teams who need advice on Exempt Accommodation claims, Specified Accommodation issues, subsidy claims and the likely future devolution of Exempt Accommodation expenditure to local authorities. We are also working with service providers to engage with Clinical Commissioning Groups and Health & Wellbeing Boards.

Voluntary Agencies & Charities

We have a long history of working with charitable and voluntary agencies in the fields of mental health, domestic violence and abuse, learning disability, young people, older people, people with substance misuse needs, ex-offenders and many client groups. Our work is usually focused on housing and non-housing revenue, SROI and service remodelling to meet changing funding and commissioning arrangements.

Private Equity Companies

We work with private equity providers who are looking to invest capital in services for people with additional needs where property is involved. We advise on lease/legal interest arrangements, investment yields, structuring multiparty arrangements, service models and revenue structures to reflect capital risk requirements.

Property Developers

As the social market increasingly opens up to private property and finance there has been a surge of interest from property developers wishing to use assets for social and investment purposes. We structure arrangements that include private sector property, both existing and new.

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