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    One housing association has sent letters to over 600 tenants who have been identified as potentially having grounds to appeal against the controversial bedroom tax.

    Almost 1,500 households owned by Coast and Country Housing have been affected by the under-occupancy penalty with many of these being vulnerable tenants, reports 24dash.

    A recent tribunal success has encouraged the social landlord’s Tenant’s Working Together Group to share knowledge and assist tenants in appealing.

    Kim Gallagher chair of Coast & Country’s Tenant Panel, said: “The Bedroom Tax is causing untold misery because it is affecting some of the poorest people in society, who through no fault of their own are living in homes that are classed as too big for them. The Coast & Country Tenant’s Working Together Group is doing all that we can to raise awareness of the issues and Coast & Country benefit advice staff are working hard to advise people affected. Since the letters were sent out we have already had a number of people contact us and we are ready and prepared to respond and offer any assistance needed to lodge an appeal.”

    Chief executive Iain Sim said: “The bedroom tax is detestable because it is affecting some of the most vulnerable people in society. To hear that just one couple have taken on the establishment and won would be fantastic news but there are now many more people winning their tribunals. Coast & Country is pleased to be able to support our hard-working and energetic Tenants’ Group in ensuring that any tenant who may have grounds for appeal is made aware of this and assisted in every way.”

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    September 26, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Housing And Benefits

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