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    Code Blue is an app for teenagers which acts as a panic button when they need help from their loved ones.


     It may be difficult for a teenager to express their emotions and find it difficult to explain why they are feeling that way to those around them. However, Code Blue serves a much easier way to share their feelings or get help from their family or friends by a quick and simple press of a button.

    There are 350 million people living with depression; many of whom are teenagers and young people suffering from mental health or different forms of bullying. For some, it may be difficult to even share their problems with family members so Code Blue enables teenagers to enter the contact details of those who are aware of their depression such as social workers or support groups. This makes them easily accessible in their times of need.

    Users can avoid texting their emotions or setting their thoughts straight before making a phone call, as this app allows an automatic message to be sent when the button is pressed. If allowed GPS by the user, GPS location details can also be sent. Family, friends or support workers can then send a text, call or make a face-to-face visit to ensure the user gets the support they desire.

    Code Blue makes for a successful approach in dealing with teenagers with depression. Combining technology and smartphones with this difficult mental health problem, it serves teenagers and young people with an easy, fast and unexposed way to effectively communicate with their loved ones without the struggles of misunderstandings.

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    December 11, 2014 by Shumila Begum Categories: Care And Support

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