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    Research has found that millions of pensioners across the UK are worried about how they’ll keep warm this winter due to rising fuel prices.

    Charity, Age UK, have conducted research from more than three million people aged 65 and over and have found that many are concerned about how they will keep warm during the winter months and six million are worried about the increasing cost of energy bills. Winter Scapes

    Age UK has warned that winter can be extremely difficult for thousands of older people with the ever-increasing cost of energy bills adding to their worries, reports 24dash.

    A drop in temperature has proven to be very dangerous to older people’s health as it increases the probability and severity of flu, chest infections and other respiratory problems, whilst also raises blood pressure which can create an increased chance of heart attacks and strokes.

    The charity believes that 24,000 older people may not survive this winter’s cold weather through deaths that are preventable. Almost half of fatalities will be due to heart attacks and strokes.

    Caroline Abrahams, Age UK’s charity director, said: “It’s vital for older people to keep warm, both inside and outside their homes in the winter months. Being cold, even for just a short amount of time can be very dangerous as it increases the risk of associated health problems and preventable deaths during the winter. Through our Spread the Warmth campaign, we are calling on everyone to recognise the importance of staying warm and well this winter and to think about older friends, neighbours and relatives as the temperature drops. Local Age UKs are providing range of services across the winter months.”

    Almost a quarter of older people don’t realise that a number of health problems can be aggravated by the cold. The charity says that factors such as poorly insulated homes and sustained low indoor temperatures pose threats to health. Living room temperatures such be kept at a minimum of 70F and bedrooms 64F.

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    October 31, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Older People

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