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    Around 150 people will be affected due to Bristol council deciding to cut funding to hostels housing vulnerable people to save £750,000 a year.

    Bristol council have made severe cuts to support for residents in nine hostels across the city. Up to 150 tenants are affected, many of whom are victims of domestic violence, recovering drug addicts and adults with mental health issues.

    The residents claim that Bristol's mayor George Ferguson has not met them to discuss the issues, and many are taking legal advice in attempt to get hold of the council's review of the support provided by the charity-run hostels, reports the Guardian.

    The hostels finding themselves at risk are run by Bristol Foundation Housing who specialise in proving “exempt accommodation” where tenants receive extra care, support or supervision.

    After the council carried out a review of tenant's needs they ruled that only a fifth needed the extra services the authority was paying for. Due to this they decided to cut funding as they believe it could save them £750,000 a year.

    Council officials have said that they will find suitable accommodation or support for tenants who are judged to need it. They are already preparing their housing team for help and advice from displaced residents.

    Angie Ridgwell, the council's interim strategic director, said: “Our priority is supporting the tenants who could be affected and we've written to or called all of them to explain their options. We are reviewing individual cases where we've been asked.

    “We will provide all appropriate housing support and advice to make sure that anyone who qualifies remains in suitable accommodation and others are helped into appropriate private or public housing.”

    September 26, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Housing And Benefits

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