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    A scheme which aims to support older people and people with illnesses has launched in Reading.

    People with vulnerabilities and people who are socially isolated in Reading are set to benefit from a new scheme run by GPs and Age UK, reports Get Reading. peoplecircle.jpg

    North West Reading NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has funded a one year pilot of the scheme, costing £76,000.

    From 15th June doctors in the area will now be referring patients to the Living Well service. After each referral a Personal Independence Coordinator will visit the patient in their home and help discover activities and services that could benefit them.

    The aim of the scheme is to help people live independently and maintain healthy lives.

    Sarah Finch is one of two Personal Independence Coordinators based in Reading, hoping to help up to 170 people when the scheme begins.

    She said: “The home visit is a friendly chat with someone who needs a little bit of support to rebuild their confidence and independence in the community. We work with that person over several weeks to identify their areas of interest and concern, and to tailor a plan of action that they feel is best. Living Well helps our elderly citizens to find social groups or lunch clubs, which can help tackle the plight of loneliness and social exclusion. We can help our patients think about new activities to start, or how to rekindle an old hobby, and assist with the logistics of life such as shopping, attending medical appointments and finding help for jobs around the home.”

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    June 22, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Community And Localism

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