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    Department of Health poll shows opinions of NHS reforms have worsened as 43% said they thought things would become worse under the reforms.

    The Ipsos Mori poll of 1,015 people found 69% were happy with the running of the NHS, but a quarter of people said they thought the NHS reforms would mean cuts to services and 15% said they thought more of the services would be provided by the private sector.

    Seven in ten mentioned either of these changes meant services would get worse.

    The public was split over the outlook for the NHS, with 35% saying they thought things would get better and 32% making a bleak prognosis for the NHS over the next few years.

    Some 43% said they expected the Government’s reforms to make things worse, compared with 38% in last December’s survey.

    The number of people who thought the changes would provide good service in the future dropped from 50% in December last year to 44% this year.

    With cuts on the way over half (58%) said they thought there should be limits on what is spent on the NHS, up 14% in 2006.

    However, most people (67%) admitted they know little or nothing about the way the NHS is changing, although their knowledge of commissioning is increasing.

    This time, one in five spontaneously mentioned the role of GPs and other healthcare professionals in commissioning, up from 13% in December 2011.

    The involvement of GPs and other healthcare professionals in commissioning would improve things in the NHS said 42%, down 5% on last December’s survey.

    Source: Pulse




    November 01, 2012 by Support Solutions Categories: Other News Online

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