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    Many NHS groups have low rates of diagnosis and treatment when it pertains to cancer patients 

    In some areas, only one in three cancer patients get diagnosed early, which is half the figure for the best performing area; almost half of the patients in one area do not get their first treatments in a timely manner and in other areas, thousands die early due to poor NHS care.

    According to the executive director of policy and impact at Macmillian Cancer Support, Dr. Fran Woodard:

    “The fact that so many CCGs in England have been identified as providing inadequate care to cancer patients, or requiring improvements in this area, is very concerning.”

    The Guardian has revealed the following from published data by NHS England:

    • The worst performers on cancer diagnosis were NHS Lincolnshire West CCG, which diagnoses just 33.3% of cancer patients at an early stage
    • This above is followed by NHS Slough CCG (36.3%) and NHS Lincolnshire East CCG (36.5%)
    • They compared unfavorably with the top performing NHS West Suffolk CCG, where 61% of patients were diagnosed at an early stage
    • The worst performing CCG for one-year survival from cancer was NHS Newham CCG in London (where 63.9% of patients live for a year), followed by NHS Barking and Dagenham CCG (64.9%) and NHS Medway CCG (65.3%)
    • The top performing was NHS Harrow CCG with 74.5% of cancer patients living for a year after diagnosis
    • In NHS Thurrock CCG area, only 54.8% with an urgent GP referral had their first treatment within 62 days and
    • 97.5% of those living under NHS Richmond CCG are treated within 62 days of urgent referral by their GP

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    October 05, 2016 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Care And Support

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