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    The former Remploy factory will reopen and provide jobs for at least 30 disabled people in Bolton.

    The former Remploy factory in Bolton, which closed in August after the government withdrew its funding making 48 staff redundant, and had providing training and employment for the disabled for more than 60 years.

    However, entrepreneur Oli Randell from Manchester, will reopen the site next week as a new company called Ability Tec.

    Part of the takeover agreement is that the majority of the workforce will have a disability and be former Remploy employees, using a workforce 75 per cent of whom are disabled.

    The Manchester Road site is thought to be the only Remploy factory out of the 27 in the UK to have been saved since the closures.

    Carl Lawton, who was factory manager at Remploy for six years, said:

    This is very exciting and a really good opportunity for the former employees as well as a good opportunity to build a business.

    The worst day was when we shut the factory in August and everyone was made redundant; but because of the support from Oli and Dr Brian Sloan, from the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, we’re able to reopen the factory.

    Mr Randell said:

    When I came to view the factory when it was up and running a while ago, I saw the noticeboards with the stories about all the individuals who had worked in the factory and letters from children who had been in on work experience.

    I couldn’t see how anyone could not be moved by their stories. And looking at the business, we realised something new was viable with the right structure and the right skills.

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    October 23, 2012 by Support Solutions Categories: Disability

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