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    Figures have found that one in every 25 young person lives in temporary accommodation in London.

    Over 72,000 young people are without a permanent home and are living in emergency hostels and B&B’s, reports the Standard. 

    This means that 80% of all young people in England are in London.  Boroughs such as Haringey and Westminster see one in ten young people living in temporary accommodation.

    Haringey has 5,322 young people – or 10 per cent of all under-18s in the borough – living in temporary homes, and Brent has 5,140 young, Newham with 4,994 and Enfield with 4,879. MP Tessa Jowell a Labour mayoral front-runner said: “These figures shame our city. 70,000 children – the equivalent of every single child in a city the size of Newcastle – have no home.

    “We are a city of billionaires and millionaires, yet child homelessness is disgracefully high and rising. Inequality is robbing these children of their childhood. We have to build more houses, we have to tackle the inequality in London and we have to start binding our city back together to build one London not two.”

    Sir Steve Bullock, London Councils’ housing spokesman said: “London councils are on the front line of the city’s growing homelessness problem. There are 47,020 households living in temporary accommodation, up 11 per cent from the same time a year ago. Councils have responded by building new homes themselves but without the help of central government to dramatically increase the number of homes available at truly affordable rents … a growing population means boroughs will continue to operate in a very challenging environment. We must build more homes if we are to reduce homelessness.”

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    April 08, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Homelessness

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