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    A report put together by Property investment firm, Property Partner, finds that over 200,000 homes in England were empty for at least six months in 2016.

    Despite the desperate shortage of properties to rent and buy, there was £43bn worth of empty homes in England.

    According to official figures:

    • Birmingham was the worst affected city outside London with 4,397 empty homes worth an estimated £956m, followed by Bradford and Liverpool
    • In London, the borough of Kensington and Chelsea was the worst performer with 1,399 homes worth £664m
    • Croydon was second place in London with 1,216 empty homes worth £577m
    • In 2016, across London, 19,845 homes worth £9.4bn (based on the average price in London of £474,704), were empty for more than six months
    • In 2006, Newham in East London which was the worst performing borough in the capital cut the number of empty homes over the following ten years from 2,070 to 593
    • Lambeth also recorded a fall from 2,807 in 2006 to 756 in 2016

    Councils and the government have intensified efforts to reduce the number of empty homes, by reducing tax incentives which made owners leave properties unused.

    Recently, most councils have increased council tax bills on second homes with stricter rules on council tax discounts for empty homes.

    Property Partner said a reduction in the number of empty homes across England from 2006 impeded in 2015 and showed some progress in 2016.

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    For more details, visit The Guardian.

    April 21, 2017 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Housing And Benefits

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