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    Report by housing charity in Scotland, “Shelter”, finds that people are suffering a bad shortage of affordable homes.

    According to the report by “Shelter”:

    • Over 1,000 homeless people came to seek for help from the charity
    • Lack of affordable homes, welfare reforms and stagnant wages are making more people homeless
    • Over 21,000 people have been helped by the housing charity last year, but on average, one household becomes homeless every 19 minutes
    • There is a call for a national housebuilding strategy to provide more homes for those struggling to get a home
    • The paramount problem facing those who need help is the issue with affording housing costs, housing conditions and difficulties with landlords
    • 46% of private renters, who are merely 14% of homes in Scotland, needed help
    • 46% of young people, between the ages of 16 and 34 sought for advice
    • 44% of young people needed help with keeping their home and 29% wanted help with finding one as well as advice on being homeless

    Shelter’s deputy director, Alison Watson, said:

    “This report shows the disproportionate impact of Scotland’s housing crisis on young people and private renters who are both over-represented in the number of people we helped.

    “Struggling to afford or pay housing costs is the biggest presenting problem people have when coming to us for help.”

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    For more details, visit The Scotsman.

    August 07, 2017 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Housing And Benefits

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