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    New research has found that over 80% of social housing tenants have seen no sign of their financial situation improving, despite an upturn in the economy.

    The survey carried out by the national charity Turn2us has found that a quarter of social housing tenants have also seen their debts increase over the last 12 months, reports 24dash.

    The research has been released to coincide with Benefits Awareness Month and also looks into the financial struggles of households that have experience the onset of illnesses or disability, a change in working hours, childbirth or family breakdowns over the last year.

    Turn2us interviewed 2,094 adults with annual household incomes under £25,000 before tax and deductions during March 2015.

    Nearly 58% of households that experienced one of these changes say their outgoings now significantly exceed their earnings, while over 34% have said their debt levels have worsened.

    Since 2008 the proportion of households unable to maintain an acceptable standard of living has risen by nearly a third.

    Alison Taylor, director of operations at Turn2us, said: “Many low-income households are already struggling to afford basic goods – just one change in their situation is enough to push them into real financial hardship. That change could be an unexpected bill, becoming ill, bereaved or losing your job. Support is often available through the benefits system but many people are just not aware of the benefits they are entitled to. Through this campaign we aim to highlight the support available, so people are not left struggling without help, at a time they need it most.”

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    April 27, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Housing And Benefits

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