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    Patients being moved around hospitals needs to end, says expert group.

    The Future Hospital Commission says the structure to bring care to patients needs to be revamped. This is largely to help frail people who have complex needs as they often face multiple moves once they’ve been admitted to hospital.  They propose that closer working with teams in the community is the way forward. Stethoscope 1

    Closer working with the community could involve doctors and nurses running clinics in the community and even visiting people in their own homes say the commission. This type of care is already in place in certain areas.

    As well as this they are also calling for an end to the concept of patients being discharged from hospital. This is due to many of those being seen in hospitals are needing on going care which doesn’t end when they left hospital.  The commission want planning for post-hospital care to begin as soon as someone is admitted.

    In order to make this a success the commission want a new hub to be created in every hospital named a ‘clinical co-ordination centre’ which will serve as a central control room; ensuring information surrounding patients is shared and care is properly planned for.

    Once in hospital patients should not be moving beds unless their care demands it. Currently patients could face multiple moves find themselves facing this problem when being passed from specialism to specialism. This would require a greater emphasis on general wards and specialists visiting patients rather than patients visiting them.

    Sir Michael Rawlins, Commission chairman, said this will provide patients with the care they “deserved”.

    Alzheimer’s Society chief executive Jeremy Hughes said too often hospitals were stressful places with patients being moved “from pillar to post”.

    “We need nothing less than a revolution… in order to ensure our NHS is fit for the future,” he added to the BBC.

    Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the report was “bold and refreshing”.

    “I agree completely that we must make services more patient-centred both inside and outside hospital.”

    Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham said: “We must turn this system around and help support people where they want to be – at home with their family around them.”

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    September 12, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Care Quality

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