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    Healthcare assistants should complete a ‘certificate of fundamental care’

    All healthcare assistants should complete a certificate before they can care for patients unsupervised an independent report has suggested.

    Stethoscope 1The review, carried out by Camilla Cavendish, Associate Editor, columnist and leader writer for The Times, said healthcare assistants who completed the certificate should be allowed to use the term “nursing assistant” in a bid to reduce the number of current job titles held by support workers. Currently there is ‘no minimum training for healthcare assistants’.

    The introduction of the Certificate of Fundamental Care would help increase standards and improve the status of support workers, with a great emphasis on quality training for HCAs and social care support workers.

    This recommendation follows on from the recommendations of Robert Francis QC in his Final Report  ‘The Independent Inquiry Into Care Provided By Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust’ which is available to view here. Robert Francis QC specialises in medical legal issues including clinical negligence claims. 

    The review will enable legal processes to take place to remove any unsatisfactory staff, and to be more effective in challenging and improving the performance of care workers (where necessary).

    Cavendish has said:

    Many of us will rely on care assistants at some point in our lives, in particular in old age, and we need them to be as good as they possibly can be.

    Cavendish highlighted that some support workers are carrying out procedures which used to be done by Doctors without standardised training, so it is vital better training and regulations are implemented.

    The Government is expected to provide a formal response to Camilla Cavendish’s review when it releases its response to Robert Francis’ report later this year.

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    July 10, 2013 by Laura Wightman Categories: Care Quality

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