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    The National Housing Federation has revealed that the number of middle income earners relying on housing benefits has risen by 350,000 since 2008.

    In a report by the NHF it shows that middle income households earning £20,000-£30,000 a year have accounted for two thirds of all new housing benefit claims over the last six years, reports 24dash.

    With the number of households claiming housing benefits despite being in work rising by 22% since 2008 the NHF are predicting that it could rise even further in the next five years.

    The NHF believe that the rise in housing costs are the cause of this and is blaming the impact of years of building half the number of homes needed for the rise.

    The NHF is now calling for more genuinely affordable housing to be built so that “hardworking families have a decent home they can afford, without adding to the HB bill”.

    David Orr, NHF chief executive, said: “Our shortage of affordable housing is now leaving families on a decent wage unable to cover the cost of their homes. This isn’t sustainable or right.  In the 1970s around 80% of government housing spend went on building homes with about 20% on housing benefits, but today it’s the other way round.  Billions of pounds being spent on HB is just a costly sticking plaster. What we need is a long-term solution to build the affordable homes we need, so that hard working families can support themselves. Politicians need to address the problems of the housing market now, and commit to ending the housing crisis for a generation.”

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    October 03, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Housing And Benefits

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