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    It has been reported that severe cases of rent arrears has risen by 4,000 in the first quarter of 2013, to 94,000.

    Research by has discovered that one in ten people have been conned by a lodger, and one in five renters have admitted to concealing their true identity when applying for a property.

    192 have now launched the first background reports service of UK residents which offers landlords instant profiles of renters. The service will offer negative financial indicators, residential history, property ownership and neighbours contact details, reports 24dash.

    The level of rent arrears are currently at the fourth highest figure on record. Paul Shamplina, founder of Landlord action says:  “The highest level ever was recorded in the second half of last year, and over the last 14 years, our experience of professional bad tenants has been plentiful,” he said.

    “Professional bad tenants will seek out someone new to the market who is self-managing a property and who, out of desperation to avoid a void period, will accept a tenant with minimum referencing.

    “Some professional bad tenants will even entice a landlord to let to them by offering two to three months upfront rent instead of providing thorough referencing. They then will refuse to make any further payments.”

    Dominic Blackburn, product director of 192, said: “Background reports can tell where someone have previously lived, who with, and if they've had trouble with debt – all vital information for your background check.”


    September 24, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Housing And Benefits

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