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    Twitter is one of the most popular platforms where users across the globe collectively contribute 500 million Tweets every day.

    However, it can sometimes be inevitable that you come across content that can be seen as abusive, harassment and generally violatin g the safeguarding rules of the Internet. The Twitter Support group want to make it safer and easier to report offensive content. They are enhancing the in-product harassment reporting and making improvements to block. This, in effect, will enable users to have a much more mobile-friendly experience. It will be simpler to flag Tweets and accounts and ensures an easy reporting process for those who aren’t receiving abuse directly or personally but can observe it. Many improvements have been made to the tools and processes that help Twitter review reported Tweets and accounts.

    Furthermore, the new blocked accounts page that has been set up can show the accounts you have blocked and these accounts will not be able to view your profile. The support group will add more controls and features over the next few months.

    Currently, these updates are only accessible to a small group of users, but in the upcoming months, will be available for everyone. Twitter’s support group have made reassurances that many more changes are to be made in this area. Over the course of the next few months, there will be additional user controls, further improvements to reporting and blocking procedures for abusive Tweets and accounts. These changes are essential in safeguarding users on Twitter and giving them positive experiences on the site.

    Nice one, Twitter!

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    December 03, 2014 by Shumila Begum Categories: Other News Online

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