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    Dobson’s Choice is a web search engine designed to help those with learning disabilities or who have difficulty reading and writing, and is the first of its kind.

    Dobson’s Choice has been available in the UK since autumn 2013 Letters WEB (Laptop) 5 and calls itself a “‘Google’ for people with learning disabilities.” The site helps users find websites that are interesting and relevant whilst also making them accessible for those who may struggle with standard web browsers.

    Users are able to customise the site so that the text is a viewable size whilst also changing the background colour to ensure that each word stands out to the user.  There is also a video where a person will read the information on the page to you.

    Dobson’s Choice has been developed so that people with learning difficulties can find websites that may interest them without typing in words.

    Each search category is given a picture and large text for easy access, alongside a cartoon man reading aloud what it is you’re selecting. Once a category is selected a list appears of websites which may be of use that fit in that category.

    There are over 2200 websites that people can search for through Dobson’s Choice and they are constantly adding more.

    This site is great way to encourage those with learning disabilities to become more independent with their online searches, whilst also giving them the freedom to explore their interests in a manner that caters to them.

    You can find out more on Dobson’s Choice on their Twitter or Facebook page, and their website can be found here:

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    January 28, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Disability

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