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    People how suffer with existing conditions that could be made worse during winter shouldn’t wait before seeking help, says NHS England.

    In a plan to reduce the pressure on A&E’s ill people are urged to seek help sooner rather than later so that less patients go to A&E.

    Elderly and frail people with existing conditions can see these become worse in winter and NHS England say they shouldn’t leave it too late to seek help. It has said that A&E departments become congested in winter as larger portion of frail and elderly patients who required “much more assessment in A&E”.

    Many of these patients then need a hospital bed, reports the Guardian.

    During the winter months the NHS experiences more trusts breaching the national waiting times target that says patients should be seen within four hours. This target covers all types of A&E.

    In figures released last month the number of A&E units were shown to be failing to meet the governments four-hour target had almost trebled in the last year.

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    November 15, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Care Quality

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