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    Chief executive of the National Health Service, Sir Simon Stevens has identified social care as the “most immediate need” in his blueprint for a post-Brexit NHS

    The Brtish Red Cross’s charity executive director for independent living and crisis response, said:

    “The British Red Cross has long asserted that we face a social-care crisis in the country.

    “… I know that across Britain, we find patients who are ready to leave hospital but can’t; patients who are sent home before they are ready, with no support; and people who need some help at home but cannot obtain even the most basic services. Funding has been cut and the system is overloaded”, according to reports by the Telegraph.

    Mr Stevens calls for  the provision of “creative solutions” by the voluntary sector which is currently working with local authorities and the NHS to remedy this situation.

    The Telegraph urgently implores the urgent release of the extra money set aside to enhance the Better Care Fund (a programme spanning the NHS and local government intended to integrate health and social care); and said:

    “We hope Mr Stevens will join the call from the health sector for the Government to release this money immediately rather than waiting two more years. It is unnecessary for the system to be this pressured and for so many people to suffer because of it.”

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    July 21, 2016 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Care And Support

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