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    A social enterprise charity in Basingstoke that provide help to adults with learning difficulties is increasing it's services.

    The charity give work experience to adults who have learning difficulties, and is extending their services to include more facilities for work experience.

     Loddon Social Enterprise will from next month be able to provide facilities where cooking, artwork and computer skills can be learned to increase the work experience for adults who have learning difficulties.

    The charity helps nearly 40 adults of all ages with learning difficulties, and will now be able to attract more people who will be able to use the service.

    They are able to gain paid work experience in different types of basic work, as the charity understands that it can be difficult for people with learning difficulties to try and secure employment, and are able to meet new people and make friends at the same time.

    Manager Cathy Marshall said they invite local people to gain work experience in jobs such as stuffing envelopes and filling boxes and are given a small weekly wage, and that local companies pay for the work that is completed, and she is really excited about what the future for the charity holds.

    Ms Marshall said:

    It can be so hard for people with learning difficulties to get any work experience and we want to let people know what we can offer.

    We will soon be able to work with more service users and we want to hear from them.



    March 27, 2013 by Support Solutions Categories: Social Enterprise

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