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    Social housing providers in Nottingham have agreed to an anti-eviction policy against people who fall into rent arrears due to bedroom tax.

    Nottingham City Council, Nottingham City Homes, Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) and asra Housing Group have signed up to an ‘Eviction Prevention Protocol’, which will offer people affected by the bedroom tax every option to prevent evictions, reports 24dash. Monthly Fees 3

    This includes requesting Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) for every tenant suffering finically that engages with tenancy sustainment teams. This fund is in place to specifically help people with their rent when housing benefit doesn’t meet the whole value. The agreement also says that an eviction will not be authorised if customers are engaging with these team or other debt advice agencies.

    In return tenants affected will have to set up and keep to affordable payment plans which they will have agreed to and will have the option to move with arrears if they have been approved as a priority on the city’s housing waiting list.

    Matt Cooney, chief executive of asra Housing Group, said: “This protocol sets out very clearly our position, which is that we want to do everything possible to keep people in their tenancies. We all have tenancy sustainability specialists available who are on hand to help customers maximise their benefits, move into smaller homes and get debt advice.”

    NCHA assistant director Peter Cowley said: “It is right that tenants are given support and advice before court action is taken which may result in them being evicted. When this protocol has been signed by all of the social landlords in Nottingham it will ensure that all of our tenants get the same support and advice.”

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    September 17, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Housing And Benefits

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