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    ALMO Salix Homes in Salford has become the first housing provider in the country to launch a service which allows social housing tenants to pay their rent via Facebook.

    Salix Homes, who manage 8,500 homes across  Central Salford, have created an app with Cunning Plan Marketing, which can be accessed through their Facebook page which will enable tenants to report repairs and issues ask questions about their tenancy and find advice on money management and budgeting, reports 24dash.

    In order to use the service tenants must simply have their own Facebook account and visit the Salix Homes page where they will be directed toward this app.

    Sian Grant, Salix’s director of customer and neighbourhood services, said: “Social media is now a very powerful communication tool and we found in a recent survey of our tenants that around 40% use Facebook, so we hope that by reaching out to them via this channel we will be able to engage with a much wider audience. With government changes to the welfare system, social landlords must ensure they make it as easy as possible for tenants to contact them, pay their rent and report any issues. We’re one of the first housing providers to do this – so it’s great that Salix Homes is leading the way in digital innovation and improving tenants’ access to services.”

    James Adam, managing director at Cunning Plan, said: “We were delighted to work with Salix Homes to develop this new Facebook app, which will revolutionise the way tenants pay their rent and communicate with their landlord. While tenants may not be that active on the web in general, we know that they are extremely active on Facebook. For a tenant, it is important to be able to report a repair in real time or to pay the rent on the go, at a time to suit them, and this ground-breaking service enables them to do just that.”

    You can get to Salix Homes’ Facebook page here.

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    August 06, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Social Media For The Sector

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