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    Social landlords in Wales believe they can save their local NHS £1.7m in the next year through a care project that places people with additional needs in affordable housing rather than hospitals or care homes.

    The savings will come from housing 33 patients under the care of the Aneurin Bevan University health board, through a project called ‘In One Place.’ This project places patients who have a mental illness or learning disability into specially designed homes provided by housing associations with rents paid by housing benefit, reports Inside Housing.

    Eight housing associations and five councils are involved in the project and it is hoped that the model will be copied in the rest of Wales, and eventually the UK. The social landlords will provide the housing and the NHS will continue to pay for and commission care for the tenants.

    Four patients have already been housed by the project in homes owned by Melin Homes, at a saving of about £50,000 per patient per year.

    Mark Gardner, chief executive of Melin, said: ‘We stand a really good chance of reducing the burden on the NHS.’

    Andrew Goodall, now chief executive of NHS Wales, helped start the In One Place project when he was chief executive of the health board. He said: ‘We had patients and clients with very significant health needs that were languishing in an institutional setting in hospital, when they could be elsewhere.’

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    April 20, 2015 by Laura Matthews Categories: Adult Services

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