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    No matter how noble a cause is, the third sector has inspiring messages to convey and can use social media platforms as a great means to communicate their cause.

    Charities may also use social media platforms to have more volunteers, raise awareness, attract donors and promote events and campaigns.

    Listening to conversations as they happen, on all platforms is a proper approach to engagement.

    Engagement with social media cannot be ignored during humanitarian emergencies. For instance, during natural disasters when people search for help.

    Here are tips that will yield positive social media results for the third sector:


    Raise funds

    • Join sites like Justgiving and register for JustTextGiving so that supporters can raise money for you online;
    • Share your service users' stories and build positive relationships to make the casual follower become a committed fundraiser or volunteer.

    Maximise reach

    • Select a social network and reach as many as possible;
    • It is not sufficient to set up a profile or page. Create a group as well, that will attract more supporters;
    • For instance, on Facebook, you can set up a group. 

    First impressions are very important

    • Make your profile or page look good;
    • Control what your organisation will look like on other people's friends' lists and upload a great photo and use a title that will get noticed.

    Post edgy viral content

    • Make your content creative, this will the interest of potential volunteers/followers;
    • Social networks are at their best when people are passing content around, and they will only pass yours around if it is creative;
    • Come up with engaging and creative profile/page names, use video and photos as well.

    Utilise supporters already on social media

    • Conduct an analysis of your members and find out who is active on social media;
    • Send them e-mails inviting them to become your friend, join your group, or like your page;
    • Add links to your social media in all of your communications such as email newsletters.
    August 13, 2013 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Social Media For The Sector

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