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    A community shop in Goldthorpe gives local shoppers access to excess supermarket food for up to 70% less.

    The shop opens today and offers shoppers who are on the verge of food poverty the chance to buy food and drink for up to 70% less than normal high-street prices.

    Whilst the Community Shop is currently only in Goldthorpe, south Yorkshire, if successful others may begin to become open over the country.  Shopping Trolley  1

    Community Shop comes from the Company Shop which is Britain’s largest commercial re-distributor of excess food and goods, which works with retailers and manufacturers to tackle their excess sustainably and securely, reports the Guardian.

    The shop sells on residual products, for example products with damaged packaging or incorrect labelling, to membership-only staff shops in factories. This project goes a step further by matching excess food with social need.

    Membership to this store will be restricted to people living in a specific local postcode area who also get welfare support.

    As well as being able to access cheaper food, shoppers will also be offered programmes of wider social and financial support, like debt advice, cookery skills and home budgeting.

    It is supported by brands and manufacturers, including Asda, Morrisons, Co-operative Food, M&S, Tesco, Mondelez, Ocado, Tetley and Young’s and Muller.

    Sarah Dunwell, director of environment and social affairs at Company Shop, said: “With many families facing tough times in Barnsley, Company Shop wanted to do more to match surplus stock with people who really need it.

    “I was delighted to help develop and deliver the UK’s first social supermarket. Industry surplus is hard to avoid, but what Community Shop shows is that if we all work together we can make sure that surplus food delivers lasting social good.”

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    December 09, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Community And Localism

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