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    A survey has found that over seven in ten people lack confidence in whether they will be able to fund care services in the future.

    A YouGov poll found that 71% of adults were not confident that they will be able to pay for care services if they require them, reports Inside Housing. 

    Home Group commissioned the poll and is calling on the government to put more money into the care system.

    Rachael Byrne, executive director of care and support at Home Group, said: “This survey details just how deep public concern runs regarding the future of social care. The proper funding of social care for a growing and ageing population is an issue which this government and future administrations can no longer shy away from.”

    55% of people polled thing the government should do more for social care and support the need of older people and people with disabilities, whilst 53% thought central government should pay the cost of home care services from general taxation.

    Richard Hawkes, chair of the Care and Support Alliance, said: “Care is well and truly an election issue. The message from the public is loud and unambiguous. It’s a real vote of no confidence. Above all they want the government to invest more money in the system. Every day, our 75 organisations hear horror stories of older and disabled people who struggle to get the support they need to simply get up, get dressed and get out of the house.”

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    September 02, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Funding

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