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    A young woman from Plymouth who overcame severe depression is launching a campaign to show that recovery is possible.

    Struggling with mental health problems throughout her teenage years, and after spending six months in an adolescent psychiatric unit, Miriam Jarvis is launching a campaign to show people that recovery from mental health is possible, reports Western Morning News. 

    Currently studying at Plymouth university to become a mental health nurse she said:

    “I feel a lot more positive about my life. Now I can wake up each morning and open the curtains and think, ‘I’m alive’, and I know that I am glad that I’m alive.”

    Miriam is working with Fixers, who are a charity that helps young people tackle issues that matter to them. For part of her campaign she has created a film to show that seeking help can be life changing.

    Miriam said: “It’s important that people who are struggling go and seek help, whether it’s from a doctor, or going online to look at the different charities that support people struggling with their mental health. I want people to know that even if they are in the darkest place, they can move on and they can live a life that’s free from mental illness.”

    Miriam’s campaign is backed by Sharon Claridge from Plymouth & District Mind, who said: “Mental health problems amongst young people in Plymouth are on the rise, as they are in much of the rest of the country. I think Miriam’s film is great. It may be the one thing that a young person sees and helps them to understand that actually this is something I can get some help for and this is something I can change.”


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    November 13, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Mental Health

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