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    After seeing all of the positive outcomes from this years ‘Get Online Week’ we thought we’d further highlight the positive impact getting tenants online can have for a housing association.

    Whilst your housing associations social media and online presence may be growing, it’s also important that your association encourages tenants online too. Here we show you just some of the benefits getting tenants online can have for themselves, and your organisation:

    1)      Social Inclusion – With so many people online, and the online world presenting a great source of communication, it can be hard for those who are not online to feel included. Did you know 4 in 5 older people say computer literacy makes them feel more included in a modern world?

    2)      Easier Communication – With the Internet and online world comes social media. A great communication tool that provides almost instantaneous responses from people all over the world. Rather than spending half an hour on the phone to get a simple question answered people can message, email or even tweet people for a faster and cheaper response.

    3)      Saving Money – Did you know paying bills and shopping online could save the average person £130 per year? Teaching the people you work with how to use the Internet so that they can find vouchers, search the best prices and have a faster and more efficient way of paying bills surely not only benefits them but also yourselves.

    For more reasons to help your tenants get online or for advice on how you can support your tenant’s online, get in touch. We’d be more than happy to help.

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    This blog post has been written by our sister company The Media Bubble who specialise in social media for the social sector.

    October 28, 2014 by Laura Matthews Categories: Social Media For The Sector

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