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    When we think about social media instinctively Facebook and Twitter are what enters our mind, and rightly so. They are both extremely useful tools when looking to see social media success; however they aren’t the only tools out there. Red Lady

    Many organisations feel that if they use Facebook and Twitter they have a social media presence and that is all they need. What they fail to see is that by limiting themselves to just these two platforms they are missing out on a wide range of people who could become part of their audience, if they just knew they existed!


    It’s true what they say; a picture speaks a thousand words. Instagram offers users the option to upload pictures to their followers with a ‘filter’ to enhance the image, if they feel it’s necessary. From a business prospective Instagram is a great way to keep your audience updated with daily goings on and ‘behind the scenes’ insight. Rather than using Instagram as a photo album it should be used to upload the occasional photo, meaning it needs to have a meaning and relevance.

    Instagram for the social sector:

    Upload pictures of your team to show your personality or a picture of people you have helped. A little glimpse of office space or people campaigning will also highlight your cause whilst making the organisation appear more personal.


    Over the past year we have seen the hype that derives from a viral video. With over a billion users each month there are plenty of hidden potential clients and customers waiting for you. Uploading videos sharing tips and tricks you’ve picked up that will help others in your sector are a great way to showcase your knowledge of your sector and leave viewers wanting to know more. You could also upload short videos from events you hold or team building days to show the audience a personal side to your brand.

    YouTube for the social sector:

    Create a video of the cause you are supporting and show how your organisation is helping to improve. At the end leave a call to action of how others can become a part of your organisation and help with your cause. This shows how your organisation has seen a problem, begun to help, yet still needs more support.


    Pinterest is an online pin board that allows users to share their favourite images. Whereas Instagram isn’t for albums of photos, Pinterest is. With a multitude of boards ready to be created and shared Pinterest is a great place to share your ideas as well as others. To bring a more personal side to your brand you could create a board to which you upload team photos and keep your audience up to date with what is happening behind the scenes.

    Pinterest for the social sector:

    We have already written about Pinterest for non-profits which you can read here, however Pinterest is a great tool as allows people to raise awareness of what they are working for as well as bring a more personal side to the organisation.


    Still a relatively new platform Vine allows users to upload small stop/start videos to the audience. Just like on YouTube a viral Vine can attract lots of viewers and target new customers/clients. With a short time limit Vines need to be planned and precise with a creative edge.

    Vine for the social sector:

    Unleash your creativity and show users a new side to your organisation. Try showing the story behind your organisation using stop start images or showcase before and after videos to show the changes you have made to encourage others to help your cause.

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    August 22, 2013 by Laura Matthews Categories: Social Media For The Sector

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