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    These are social media apps. that will help to keep charities organised, eliminate different forms of ambiguities, increase accessibility and promote reach.

    • Storify gathers and shares stories as the title implies;
    • A free profile allows you to have a profile picture, a custom header, and create stories for the public;
    • It finds content shared on social media channels and links online;
    • It is an easy way of creating an overview of the activities you've been involved in at any point in time;
    • It is capable of collating valuable conversations from donors, supporters and beneficiaries thereby ensuring they can be saved and shared;
    • Storify also provides a way of collecting traditional news sources with the stories reported on social media that often seem inaccessible; this is in turn disseminated to the followers. This will be very advantageous to organisations that engage in news;
    • It helps to remind your supporters that you hosted or organised an event/campaign, reiterating the key points and showing the ways that people engaged; it is a useful reporting tool;
    • If you are planning a project, gathering the social shares into one place is an easy way to maintain the momentum and make sure supporters can easily access information, even after the project has been accomplished.


    • Thunderclap is a tool that uses Facebook and Twitter to send messages out concurrently from multiple accounts;
    • Charities, individuals and organisations can set up Thunderclap with a target for how many people they want to support it, if they meet the target Thunderclap will blast out the timed Facebook Post or Tweet from all those who have supported it, which creates a wave of attention;
    • It's simple to sign up to, and increases the likelihood that more people/organisations engage with your charity in other ways afterwards;
    • It has huge potential to increase the spread of key messages;
    • Thunderclap calculates the maximum social reach of your message by collating the number of followers of the people who are supporting your campaign;
    • If you have more supporters, more people will have access to your charity.



    • Feedly is a free RSS Reader;
    • It gathers RSS Feeds from all over the web and keeps them in a place so that you can see all updates at once;
    • It lets you share them easily via your social networks and with your charity's team or supporters;
    • It saves time and increases social capital;
    • You probably don't have time to sit surfing the web for information about your sector, news relevant to your work, and updates from your favourite blogs and writers;
    • Feedly does this for you, and collates it all together in a very simple manner;
    • It keeps you constantly updated;
    • You can also share information with your followers on Twitter, thereby, gaining social credibility for your knowledge.

    Visit White Fuse for more details about apps. for charities.


    August 19, 2013 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Social Media For The Sector

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