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    The Scottish Government is working hard to make land ownership more transparent

    Ministers are seeking for opinions on proposals for a register of controlling interests in landowners and tenants; for clarity on who controls landowners and tenants of land in Scotland.

    24Dash reports what Roseanna Cunningham, Cabinet Secretary for Land Reform said:

    “Improving transparency of land ownership in Scotland goes to the very heart of progressing land reform in Scotland.

    “This consultation continues our work to implement the Land Reform Act and is the next step in taking forward these regulations and will help us deal with policy, practical and legal dimensions in this complex and technical area.

    “We want the register to result in greater transparency in relation to the individuals who control landowners and tenants in Scotland, but we also want to ensure that the requirements that we develop are proportionate and not unduly onerous on those who transact with land in Scotland.

    “We also want to ensure that our proposals can apply to parties from outside the United Kingdom in order to deliver the transparency about controlling interests in landowners and tenants that the Scottish Government, and indeed the whole of the Scottish Parliament, wants to see.”

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    September 12, 2016 by Abimbola Duro-David Categories: Client Groups

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    Responding to the DWP Consultation:  Housing Benefit Reform - Supported Housing

    "Sincere thanks to Michael Patterson for an excellent presentation on the HB Reform issues in Leeds last week, and for all the very helpful info and links. I do intend to respond on behalf of our organisation, Caring For Life, but feel that Support Solutions' response is excellent."

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